Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It continues cold this week. Although the days are sunny, the wind is chilling. I have been anxious to put the plants outside--as I always am--but it only takes aminute of standing outside in the brisk breeze to realize that it is still too close to winter.

So, I putter in the green house, slowly transplanting the starts into their permanent pots and baskets.

I got brave enough to put the first baskets out in front, where they are sheltered from direct sunlight and somewhat out of the wind. I decided to go with just violas in the two "out-front" baskets. My first few years of having flowers here in Homer, I stuck pretty much with the hardy violas and some marigolds. I have diversified over the past decade or so but I still have a soft spot for violas--they bloom all summer and well into the autumn.

So this year, it's like a return to tradition.

Snickers and violas

The basket on the cat run features dark violas (as admired by Snickers.)

Hanging Basket

By the kitchen window, I chose a "Sorbet" mix of soft purples. We'll see how they look in a month or so.

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