Friday, August 29, 2008


I woke up early this morning--about six-thirty--and as usual turned on the local TV news. I figured something unusual was going on when the news anchors kept tossing the words "Palin"and "Vice-President" around, all with an air of thrumming excitement. It took a moment for my un-caffeinated brain to figure out what they were suggesting. That woke me up and sent me to on-line news outlets, because it just seemed so unreal. About half an hour later, sources began confirming that John McCain was going to name our governor as his vice-presidential running-mate.

Now, "The Governess" (as Ko-Kon likes to refer to her) is fairly popular in Alaska, even among those--like me--who didn't vote for her. Since getting five Alaskans to agree on anything is problematic--we are a fairly ecletic group--I suppose that says something. I obviously don't agree with her politically but she's done okay for our State. The thing is, I just don't think she is ready for the national stage.

Now, I am not a political blogger. My circle of friends is inclusive and embraces many whose political leanings aren't my own. There are some Alaskan blogs I follow with relish and I am happy to direct attention to them.

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I imagine many journalists and analysts are Googling "Sarah Palin" and stumbling upon some of those blogs and I am glad that thoughtful and amusing folks like Ishmael and Art are suddenly enjoying a wider readership. But to have national attention focused on our out-of-the-way State is somewhat disquieting. Politics in Alaska can be enormously entertaining for those of us looking to pass a long, dark winter but I don't know how Alaskan issues and perspectives will translate into the national arena. Usually, the big news organizations get it wrong and end up misunderstanding our issues or mocking our quaintness and naivity.

Right now, I think Cathy at Keeping it Real at 66 Degrees North Latitude sums it up for me:

"Now there are going to be millions of people with half a clue making half ass presumptions about the place that I call home. Maybe that is what is causing my unease...the spotlight."

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Art Vandelay said...

Thank you for the very insightful comment you left on my blog today. That was really well written.