Friday, May 12, 2006

The First Day of Spring

Regardless of what the calendar may say, today was the first day of Spring.

There was light frost on the deck this morning but it had already evaporated by the time I got out of bed. By the time I went outside, late in the morning, the air was fresh and mild and the temperature was 48 degrees. Denny urged me to come and stand in the sun, to feel the warmth on our bodies.

A few moments later, I looked up to see our harbinger of the season--the first swallow of Spring. He must be the out-rider of the larger flock, for he appeared to be alone. He circled our yard then perched for a time on one of the remaining tall trees.

Tomorrow we will be hanging nesting boxes.

And, much to Frieda's bliss, we found the first tender shoots of grass in the side yard and brought them to her where she waited in the cat run.

Winter is over.

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